Digital Commerce Solutions

Platforms and Tools to help you make the most of your digital commerce operations.

Membership System

A flexible membership system configurable for varied uses including subscriptions, trials, loyalty tiers, and restricted content access.

  • Unlimited membership tiers
  • Privileged access for content, product, downloads, discounts, and account.
  • Rule-based renewal configuration. Supports auto renewals.
  • Advanced reporting.

Available for WooCommerce 3.1, OpenCart 3.0, Magento 2.2

Loyalty Programs

An enrollment, redemption and rewards managements platform to increase repeat purchase potential, and increase lifetime customer value.

  • Supports online as well as offline programs.
  • Integrate with customer service, cart checkout, and outbound marketing communications.
  • Volume & percent discount, product trials, combo offers, as well as custom rewards.
  • Automated behavioral targeting drip emails.

Available for WooCommerce 3.1, OpenCart 3.0, Magento 2.2

Print Integration

Advanced print integration for important documentation. Email integration for automated dispatch linked to order process workflow.

  • Invoices
  • Packing Slips
  • Shipping Labels
  • Job Sheet
  • Picking List
  • Returns Form

Email Automation

Behavioral targeting with advanced customer analytics and customizable templates.

  • Drip email campaigns for customer acquisition, engagement, and retention journeys.
  • Targeted promotional email based on purchase history, lifestyle, and LCV.
  • Transactional email automation.
  • Supports ESPs such as MailChimp, Sendmail, Amazon SES.