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Over 40% of all e-commerce transactions were done over WooCommerce site.

WooCommerce powers more than online shops. The core commerce model supports different business needs scenarios such as selling ‘Bookings’ – a time or date based products, ‘Memberships’ – a ‘restricted access’ solution, and more for a complete small business solution.

E-Commerce Solutions

Specifically tailored for distributor, wholesale, and B2B product category business. Pricing flexibility by customer tier, product / category, order total, seasonal specials and quantity discounts. Target latent demand with price catalogs updates to customers & prospect; enforce account registration & approval process; and enforce minimum order quantities. Includes support for multi-currency, multi-language and multiple payments & shipping options.

Running a brand fan club or promoting exclusive content or products for your customers – Membership solution helps you manage every aspect. It support multiple enrollment modes such as paid or by eligibility, and various payment modes such as one-off or recurring subscriptions. With mulitple membership tiers, you can better target previleges for effective loyalty outcomes; and includes targeted promotional communications.

End to end Event Management Solution – for corporate conferences, music or sporting events, to community events. A simple web solution to price tickets, and sell them online; or in-person. It also supports all pre and post event communication tasks; help you organize resources & personnel that go into managing successful events. With an integrated barcode scanning solution, now clear the registration queue with ease & speed.

For Hotels, Resturants, Gym, Spas, and similar such business renting out resources. A all-in-one solution to manage customer bookings, web promotions, digital marketing and transaction emails. Supports tiered pricing such as weekend premiums/discounts, etc. and enables online payment from choice of gateways. And an accompanying self-service mobile app to enable customers manage their own bookings and purchase additional merchandise.