WordPress for Enterprises

Powering your enterprise content management platform – design & build, project implementation, bespoke customization, managed hosting, and operational support.

We help enterprises safely adopt WordPress – the leading Open Source Software powering a third of the internet. We help unleash the full power of WordPress – experience-centric design, engineered extensions, multi-server or cloud deployment, and more.

WordPress Services


We are digital solutions partner with expertise to deliver high traffic, high conversion WordPress based sites. We are specially adept at engineering high performance, scalable CMS solution for complex needs such as multi-site setup, headless CMS, cloud deployments, or integration with  other systems. We are a full-service agency providing a concept-to-launch execution including design, build, deployment & maintenance.

from HK$ 60,000


At its core, WordPress is a system to manage content. And while it is most famously used for managing web content; it is equally adept at managing other forms of enterprise content including structured and unstructured data. Leveraging its underlying common application platform, we help build innovative solutions addressing  business needs to help achieve better TCO and improve operational efficiencies.

from HK$ 90,000

Theme Design

An experience-centric approach to design – we help craft web solutions optimized for conversions. Helping you present your brand experience to your site visitors – across devices, optimized for growth strategies and well integrated into your overall digital marketing operations.

Plugin Development

The power of WordPress is its extensibility – being able to extend possibilities beyond its core, integrating with other applications & services, and building content solutions on top of its robust core. We help bring commerce into content, and extend content for commerce.

Managed Services

End-to-end maintenance solution for your WordPress deployment – infrastructure, platform, applications, and technical operations. As your trusted outsourced IT department we manage your daily backups, software updates, defects fix, security audits, and extensions whitelisting.